The Engagement.

With all this wedding talk (can you tell that 1. I’m brand new to blogging and am a little post-happy, and 2. I’m VERY excited about my wedding!) I thought it’s only fitting to share my engagement story.

Well… It all began on the foggy San Francisco morning of August 6th 2011.  Chris was desperate to take Annie and I on a hike in Marin to Muir beach overlook.  But wait! Let’s rewind to the week leading up to that Saturday vvvvrrrrrrrrrpppppp (that’s my rewind noise).

 That week might have been the busiest I’ve ever seen Chris at work.  He was working from the crack of dawn until late at night every day and was due to be working the entire weekend.  Chris’s parents were coming into town the following weekend for his birthday, and so when Chris insisted we go hiking, I enthusiastically suggested that he work the weekend so that he could have the next one off to spend with his parents (I swear it only had a tiny bit to do with the fact that the fog was so thick it was like walking in soup). Well, needless to say, his determinism paid off and off we to drove to Marin for our 7 mile hike, or so I thought!

Chris had told me we were going on a 7 mile walk so that he could pack a backpack without raising suspicion (a job very well done since I am a notorious snoop!).  I was very confused when we arrived to a parking lot and could see the overlook from the car.. hmmm.

We walked down to the main lookout point with about 10 other tourists.  I thought it was beautiful and I was glad that we’d made the trip there to see it but was pretty ready to head back to the car since it was freeeeezing! Chris was acting really weird and extra annoyed about the crowds, so when I saw a pathway leading down to a super secret lookout, we headed down that way.

Is the suspense building??

When we were finally alone, Chris tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘Fizz, I have something to ask you’ and the rest went exactly like this BAM! he was on one knee ‘I want to ask you to marry me, and I have a ring and everything!’ He pulled out the most incredible antique family ring I have ever seen, and I, of course, after a minute of thinking ‘waittttt, what?’ said ‘YES!’ It was the most amazing moment.

I called my mum straight away in Australia (4am is an OK time to call don’tcha think?) Of course she already knew because Chris had asked my parents permission a couple of days before, what a good booyyyyyy.

Off we went to celebrate with some lunch and complimentary champs.  The perfect day!

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