Pump up the Jam, Pump it up!

Happy Saturday morning folks! (Sunday to those down un-dah). I had one thing on my mind this foggy morning…an 8:30 am gym date with my favourite class, Body Pump!

Body Pump has been my favourite class since the first time I pumped my way through the 55 minute body blaster back in 2006, in the sweaty tennis club gym with my girlfriend Teegs in our college days.

I love the way that body pump works and challenges every muscle group while rockin’ out to fun songs and simultaneously making you feel pretty hard core.  It’s the only time in my workouts that I ever bust out a barbell so I must admit that in my mind, look pretty bad ass… the reality is more of a sweaty huffing and puffing mess.  Ah well!

I started off my gym time with a quick 10 minute run on the treadmill at 6.5 on incline 1 because I felt like I needed a little cardio in my life after demolishing a huuge chocolate chip cookie after dinner last night, oops! For the record, I had at least intended to only eat half.

Getting back into Body Pump was one of the ways that I began to feel more like myself in San Francisco.  It’s something that I’ve always loved, but wasn’t doing.  I would make up excuses and talk myself out of it, mostly because until now, I’ve always had a Body Pump buddy in Teegs or my sis so going it alone was a bit intimidating for me.  When I finally manned up, took my spot, and pumped it out again, I was so happy that I did.  Sometimes it really is the little things, the small decisions that you make that can bring you back to who you are.

Now if I can only get my gym to bring in Body Balance (my second favourite Les Mills workout), all will be right with my (workout) world!

After a sweaty morning, it was time for some breakfast! Before heading to the gym I scoffed a small handful of blueberries.  Want to know what tastes horrible after brushing your teeth? You got it! Blueberries!  By the time I got home, I was pretty hungry.  I mixed up half a cup of Bob’s Red Mill Old Country Style Muesli with some non fat Greek yoghurt for extra protein, some blueberries, some crushed pecans and a little drizzle of honey.  Deeeeeeliiisssh!

Still looking pretty!

All mixed up and ready to go! Yum!

Plans for the rest of the day are a bit up the air.  Chris has headed off for a surf and I’m going to spend some time showering and cleaning up the apartment a bit, it’s beyond time for a clean!

Enjoy your Saturday/Sunday!

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