The second love of my life is a sweet little lady.  She’s a cuddle bug, a play mate and the best little buddy you could ask for.

She’s my little poodle mix, Annie! Hi Annie!! Isn’t she a sweetie?

When I was new to San Francisco, and feeling a little lonely, Chris and I started toying with the idea of 100% getting a dog possibly fostering a dog.  We weren’t allowed a dog in our apartment, so what was the harm in looking? Right? Pfffttt.

We started looking online at rescue organisations and going to their meetups to have a look and a play with the sweet pups.  We had a couple of close calls with some cutie pies but none that we couldn’t possibly leave without. 

Until! One day, I was looking online at a couple of organisations when a sweet little face under the name of ‘Mina’ called to me from the screen. "Saaavvvvee meeeee. I’m so sweeeetttt.  I’ll give you a million kisses every day" well, what’s a girl to do! I told Chris about the little sweetie I had seen and we arranged to go and just have a little look at her. 

We were shown into her little room and the scruffiest, cutest face I’ve ever seen peeked out of her dog bed at us.  She was scruffy, matted and scratched up from her time as a stray.  We sat down on the floor, she crawled over to Chris, climbed up his chest and licked him on the face.  I mean, come onnnnnnn, you would have taken her to! You know you would have!

About 4 days, and a desperate heart string pulling phone call to our landlord later, we were dog owners.

Annie has brought some confusion, the occasional frustration and endless endless joy to my life.

Having a dog can really be a huge source of emotional support.  I can’t count the number of days when I’ve felt down, alone, frustrated and defeated and her little face will light me up.

On days when I haven’t felt like getting out of bed, her licks and pleading face have got me out for walks around the block, the fresh air clears my mind and my mood improves… you’re a genius Annie girl!

Rescuing Annie was one of the best decisions Chris and I ever made and although sometimes we do think ‘wow life was simple before a dog’ we wouldn’t change it for the world!

If you’re looking for a rescue organisation in San Francisco, I highly highly recommend Pets Unlimited.  They were so great, very professional and really care about sending their animals home with the right people.

Go out! Rescue a dog!

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