Exciting day!

Well, want to know one way to take the edge of the gloomy San Francisco fog?? Wedding dress fittings! Hooray!

Today marked the second last fitting for my beautiful Judd Waddell wedding gown. My gorgeous girlfriend Liz, her 19 week baby bump and I found ourselves again at Marina Morrison in downtown SF to continue the bridal hooplah!

Today was the first time in this loonnngggg 10 month process where the dress was zipped up…and fit! It was an amazing feeling to finally be able to get a good sense of what I will actually look like walking down the aisle in Hawaii in just 3 weeks.  And Liz’s ooohing and aaahhing made me feel like a million bucks! One more fitting to tweak the hem and I think it’s a done deal.  Bring on October 18th!

After the fitting we popped around the corner to one of my favourite (yes I will be using the spelling I grew up with, throw the dog a bone!) bakery chains in San Francisco, La Boulange for some delicious Healthful organic oats (and half a fruit tart for good measure) and a good quality catch up complete with ultrasound pics of the little bean.  Just in case we had any doubts that Liz is baking a boy in her oh so cute baby belly, the ultrasound picture of his little tiny baby butt and undercarriage labelled ‘boy’ set us straight.

After wandering the streets for a while crossing some things of my wedding to- do lists, yes lists, there are many! I headed back home for some cuddles with the pooch, but not before listening to all the songs I have on itunes sung by Robert Pattinson on the train.  If you didn’t know he could sing, you’re in for a sweeet surprise! Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Exciting day!

  1. Denise

    Fizz darling one, this is sooooo good! It is beautifully written, fun and sincere. I will be reading it for sure. Yay, another way to stay in touch with my girl so far away! You go girl! Love ya mum xx


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