Cyber wedding?

Well, I think it’s safe to say that our wedding, is in fact, a cyber wedding. No, we might not actually be getting married via computer screen, but about 99% of our planning has been done on the computer.

Chris and I are having a destination wedding in Oahu in October.  We have never been to Oahu, never seen the wedding venue and never met any of our vendors in person.  Our wedding was booked based on online reviews, photos, emails and a whooooole lot of faith! 

So yes, I did know what I was getting myself into planning a destination wedding (well, kind of), but on top of planning the actual wedding through the Internet, I have also had to have all of my ‘wedding moments’ online.  Scheduling a skype date with my mum, or sister or both to talk about wedding details, whatsapp’ing photos of my dress fittings and seeing my beautiful bridesmaids in their dresses on the screen of my iphone are not what I had dreamt for my wedding process.

This has probably been the hardest pill to swallow to date in terms of living away from my family and best girlfriends. I think that it doesn’t matter who you are; if you’re the ultimate girly girl, if you’re a tomboy, if you haven’t thought much about your wedding day at all, you still think of it as something that you’ll go through with an entourage of people. Well, at least that’s what I always thought.

I imagined trying my dress on with my mum, my Nan, my sister and my besties.  I imagined looking at venues, tasting cakes and picking out flowers together.  Hell, I at least imagined my mum having physically seen me in my wedding dress before the big day! Ehhhhh not so much! It’s taken a lot of getting used to and a lot of changing my expectations to wrap my head around doing a lot of this stuff on my own.  Chris, of course is wonderfully supportive but some of my crazy normal bridal emotions would have been better shared with my family!

I think the person this has been the hardest on is my mum.  Being a mother of the bride without the bride is a tough gig! She’s been such a trooper and even though I know it always makes her sad when I have a fitting or do something wedding related and she’s so far away, she always puts on a happy face and is my number one cheerleader.

Changing expectations is something that I’m faced with a lot living in a different country.  I’m still working on it and trying to look at things with positive eyes, but sometimes it’s just plain hard, what can I say!?


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